Dora Gola is a vocal and performance coach based in Limerick and is currently part of the team at what is regarded as the top vocal tuition centre in Ireland – The Voiceworks Studio in Cork City.

Dora is also a singer/songwriter and holds a first-class honours degree in BA Voice & Dance and a Masters degree in Music Performance.

She has trained and worked in the top academies around the world in order to progress her career and to work with the best people she can.

Examples of this are Gemma Sugrue (Ireland), Voice Science Works (Los Angeles, USA), KJ Rose Effect (who are attributed to none other than Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson and P. Diddy).

Dora is truly passionate about everything she undertakes and especially in the areas of teaching, voice and performance-related studies and she constantly develops herself as a performer and a mentor to others.

She has worked with singers, dancers and actors on their improvisation and composition techniques, interdisciplinary practices, body and voice connection, awareness and control.

It is Dora’s belief that every singer should be approached and treated as an individual to allow development of what is unique to their particular voice and to improve and enhance the quality of their performance.