What is included in the up-coming work-shop.

At this work-shop you will learn and experience many techniques to help you progress in your artistic career.

We will cover areas such as Vocal Technique and how to maintain good Vocal Health.

We will deal with Stage Fright and Performance Anxiety which are natural emotions for artists BUT can affect performance if not managed properly.

We will cover the areas of Interpretation and Delivery of the Emotion in your songs which is vital when engaging both yourself as an artist and your audience.

Another big part of any performance is your Stage Presence and we will help with developing this aspect also as when all these pieces are brought together you will perform at your very best and this is the ultimate goal.

We will discuss openly what matters most in the lives of Singers and Songwriters and everyone will get an opportunity to perform as an individual and apply all that they have learned at the work-shop so that they can assess the improvements they have made.

We look forward to meeting you all very soon and we are truly excited to have the opportunity to demonstrate our skills and help you achieve your dreams and goals as an artist.