The most important (and stressful) dance of your life can become easy and enjoyable. I will help you to “wow” your friends and family on your Wedding Day with specially tailored choreography to suit your desires and dreams about your First Dance. It’s my role to make you feel comfortable and beautiful during your dance, so you can focus on everything else to do with your Big Day. Absolutely no previous dance experience required!

My name is Dora and I will be your private dance instructor and choreographer. I will be happy to meet you for a cuppa, chat about your vision (or the lack of it), ideas and worries you might have. I will help you choose your music or advice of what could work perfectly. I will make sure you feel comfortable and have fun with your other half! Apparently the First Dance is the most common reason for causing fights between the future Bride & Groom. Well…not in this case. I will make this experience enjoyable for both of you (even if you think you’ve got two left feet)

It’s all about SIMPLE, but IMPRESSIVE. I will teach you tricks that are super easy and quick to learn but they will make you look like a PRO.

Why me?
All of the above reasons plus: I’m extremely passionate about dancing, performing and TEACHING. I’ve got over 10 years experience in Latin & Ballroom Dance, I graduated from the BA in Voice & Dance degree at the Irish World Academy of Music & Dance, I studied Kinesiology with Dance Major at the California State University Northridge in Los Angeles and I got my Masters Degree in Performance. In other words – I know what I’m doing.

Where am I based?
I’m based in Lahinch in Clare but I teach at Hotel Doolin in Doolin. If you like the outdoor vibes and the weather let us, we can train on the beach which makes the experience really special.

How many dance classes do you need?
It really all depends on your engagement with the subject and how much time you dedicate to practice after each lesson. The course you will be taking will consist the minimum of 5 lessons, 60 min each. It’s a necessary amount for me to cover all your steps and figures, create and teach you the choreography and make sure you feel confident and happy during your First Dance.

If you’ve got any further questions, drop me an e-mail on and I’ll be more than happy to arrange a meeting or chat over Skype.